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Why buy a real love doll?

I think you will agree with me when I say that sex dolls are for men who are feeling “alone” and are looking for sexual experience. There may be various reasons for loneliness like relocating to a new place, divorce, and depression.

Love dolls are no longer a taboo in this ultra-modern, fast-paced, hyper-connected world where you can easily become an isolated version of yourself. Just like any relationship you build on social media sites; sex dolls transpire similar connectedness.

Real life sex doll - Hard to distinguish from a real woman, both in their movements and feel.

Awesome! This realistic sex doll is designed for fulfilling the wildest fantasies that men dare not try on women. They are super flexible and are built with the latest hollow body and loose-joint technology, cutting down the weight drastically. Such realism is for men who love to explore their dark desires.

Do you need a sex robot?

Real women can never be replaced in life, however, there are limitations in human relationship, but the AI encrypted sex dolls assure your notorious, wild rides in a safe zone. The latest life like sex doll with enhanced machine learning are designed to fit into your lifestyle and not just in your bedrooms. They are born out of intricate alliance of elastomer technology and fine art that challenge perceptions of how sex toys should look and function. Presently they have the heat and sound technology with sensors across the body. They keep the doll warm and make orgasmic cry just like real women moan in pleasure. In the future, transformative technology will allow dolls to think and act as humans.

Is the experience real?

We focus our R& D on the basic need of providing unparallel user experience. The vaginal and anal tunnels have such realistic finish with internal folds, texture and tightness making the experience very close to the real thing with the addition of a light suction device fitted inside the skeleton.

Your Love Doll Should be Unique to Your life

Real love doll has only one goal, which is to improve your sexual life through the best sex dolls in TPE designed specifically for you. No two people can be same, so we at RLD, provide a wide range of customization which will help you connect with your doll for your needs.

The personalization feature helps you pick from body size, skin color, breast types, color of eyes, hair types, and other things including fixed or insertable vagina. We guarantee 100% pleasure and promote our products in strip clubs

Do you know, the sex toy industry is worth a staggering $15 billion and it's still growing? The demand for sex toys reflects the changing perception of people toward adult toys and this in turn, has increased the doll market value. The real sex doll has established itself as both a diverse self-pleasuring medium and the subject of numerous works of art while enormously enriching lives across the world.

Realistic sex doll is used as models by fashion photographers and in installations in the art world. You can understand these erotic love dolls were first built for the disabled but only recently, it has become a rage among men who are presently alone for various reasons.

Design the best partner in the city! Create your own fantasy adult doll!

Why purchase from us?

Best Quality – We only ship SYdolls which is the best TPE doll manufacturing company in China. They have a high-quality standard and comprehensive inspection service that sets apart their TPE dolls from the rest of their competitors. They have the best manufacturing unit using the next-gen technology and the best material - premium platinum TPE material.

Platinum TPE is a phthalate-free polymer and is safe for people suffering from latex allergies. It has high melting point and various physical properties to simulate human skin. Fillers are also used to add extra stability and elasticity so that each doll can be stored for a long time without change in the quality. This material does not have any bad odour and is less sticky than other elastomers.

Sense of touch – We understand the erotic preferences of men and our testing service gives a lot of importance on softness, thickness and texture of the synthetic skin in different parts of the body. Every life like sex doll is validated for its flawless skin, seamless body and loose joints before it is dispatched.

Best Price – We ship directly from the manufacturing company and hence save on cost. There is no third-party middlemen or agencies to deal with, so we save enough to offer you competitive rates and offers on our high-quality realistic sex dolls. With RLD, you save hundreds on your love dolls.

Free Customization – Do you have a fantasy? Either design your doll from the customization options available for each doll or send your requirements. You can also send a sketch or photograph, we will re-design our moulds at a very negligible price to create your dream partner. Real love doll offers you a revolutionary way to enhance you pleasure quotient.

AI features – You have the option of enhancing your sex doll experience with heat and sound technology. You need to heat for at least 3 hrs or more for bbw sex dolls. The heat spreads from neck to knee and is not limited to specific areas of the body. The sound sensors are placed in strategic location like the chest, butt and near the orifices.

Best customer service – Whether you are looking into TPE mini sex dolls or full size sex dolls, we are your best choice. Just reach us at support@realovedoll.com and we will answer your queries in two hrs time. You can also call our team in HongKong for any doll specifications. You will soon see the chat service in place.

Discreet Shipping and Secure Payments

We offer discreet shipping for all countries (USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, South America, Africa etc) as we respect your privacy. The label on the package does not reveal the nature of the product so you can be assured from the prying eyes of your neighbours and family members. We only ship our dolls by air, through our authorised shipping partners, DHL, Fedex and UPS. They are aware of the fragile nature of the product and hence take extra care. They provide guarantee safe delivery.

We always provide the shipping ID well in advance so that you can track the movement of your doll. If you wish to pick your doll from the nearest shipping office, you just need to leave a note, the officials will contact you.

For discretion, ‘Lanao-HK’ is the business name that shows on transaction details and bank statement. We offer 2 methods of payment for purchasing our sex dolls:

-By PayPal

-By Bank wire

You don’t need to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card or debit card. All major credit cards are accepted. If you prefer bank wire, we will send you an email with our bank account details.

Privacy Policy

Privacy and confidentially is our top priority. We use data encryption and firewalls to protect the website and the information. All payment is secured. We don’t solicit, or transfer any of your details to third parties. With PayPal as our payment gateway, there is always an extra layer of security.

Order Processing


After the purchase is made, an order receipt is generated and sent to confirm the details of your order.

The customer desk follows you in mails with the customization options like skin color of the doll, hair style, face/head option, eye color, breast size, nipple color, fixed or removable vagina, public hair, clitoris color, hand and toenail art option, standing or non-standing option, integrated heating rod and sound technology etc. Please free to contact us at support@realovedoll.com


Since we sell only customized dolls, we need time to create every doll, right from moulding to painting her facial expression, which takes 5- 7days. In some special cases, where the client wants a face or extra features, the manufacturing duration increases, while the customer support team is always in touch for clarifications. Please free to contact us at support@realovedoll.com

Client Approval

Image of the manufactured doll is sent to the client for approval and the shipping address is finally confirmed for delivery. The quality team does 100% inspection of the doll and prepares it for shipment either in a wooden case or cardboard box with utmost care and love. The tracking ID is given by our support team so that you can make special arrangement to receive the order.

Return Policy

Real love dolls come AS IS with no warranty of any kind. Keeping in mind the nature of the product and the health issues involved, all sales are final. However, rest assured, all the process from moulding to packaging is controlled and monitored using a quality control system. They are shipped under the “fragile shipping” category

Care for TPE Sex Dolls

TPE material is much softer and more realistic than silicone and hence needs extra care and maintenance. It can withstand heat and friction, but it is advisable to keep the doll in moderate temperature. Avoid giving the doll a hot bath for a long period of time.

Avoid keeping the doll in the same position for long duration as this may create flatness and creases on the body. It is better to suspend the doll using a hook with arms down by her sides and legs closed or place it in a wooden or cardboard case. If you leave the limbs in extreme position for long, you may tear her body.

If the skin becomes sticky to touch, wash the doll with a mild anti-bacterial soap. Use a soft absorbent towel and gently pat your sex doll dry. Thereafter, lightly dust your doll with baby powder to make her skin velvety smooth again.

Always let you doll to dry naturally without the use of hair dryer or other heat source to blow your doll dry.

While bathing your full size sex doll, please remember to never let her head or neck submerge under the water. You may damage her internal circuit.

Take extra care not to dress her in clothes that may leave stain on her body. TPE material gets stained by some dyes in dark clothing, so wash the new clothes before using. Take care not to place your girl on items containing inks, such as newspapers or leather materials containing oil-soluble pigments.

Use only water-based lubricant. Silicone, alcohol or petroleum-based lubes can alter the texture of her skin.

Don't keep your love doll in direct sunlight for long as TPE is not resistant to UV rays, it may damage her skin.

Love your sexy sex doll like your real woman

Only your love and care can increase her longevity, so take care good care of her like you do for real women

Do not share your sex doll with anyone else, to prevent spreading of STDs.

Clean your doll’s female organs with a water based anti-bacterial soap and dry thoroughly after every use to prevent growth of bacteria.

It is advisable to use a condom for ease in maintenance.

Always use water-based lubricant when having sex with your doll to prevent tearing from friction.

Don’t get scammed! The disadvantage of buying a cheap unbranded sex doll is that the source of the product is unknown while we are official sellers of SY dolls which have good reviews in dollforum. The quality is not guaranteed, and you can easily waste hundreds of dollars for a bad quality product. However, in RLD, we offer free TPE sampling, you need to write to us with your full address and we will be happy to send you a block of your doll’s synthetic skin to feel her touch. Some scam sites sell second-hand sex dolls where the risk of disease transmission is very high

Buy only the best sex doll from us with the guarantee that we work with the top TPE manufacturer of the world and genuine real sex dolls artists. If you have any questions please reach out to us at support@realovedoll.com and we will be more than happy to help you.

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