Why do men buy love dolls ? The Sex Doll Blog - Real Love Doll

Why do men buy love dolls ? The Sex Doll Blog - Real Love Doll

Why do men buy love dolls?

Why do men prefer sex dolls, why is the sex doll industry booming? Why do they spend thousands of dollars on life size TPE dolls instead of growing relationship with real women?

Here are the top reasons for buying a sex doll

1.Coping with bad relationship

Sometimes the pressure of keeping up with a dying relationship is such that you fail to keep it contained in your feelings. After all, it can be disheartening to sense someone is taking advantage of your insecurities or doesn’t understand when you start talking about your disagreements and how it is affecting your wellbeing. This can take a real toll on your bodies. This is a time when loneliness creeps in and you start avoiding well-wishers who check in on you and are there to hear both the good and bad. Because living in a bad relationship can take over so many parts of your lives, including your sexual life. Everyone deserves to feel like they have a place to go to share their feelings and live their life to the fullest.

What Bad Relationship Feels Like

It was love at first sight‬‬‬
Long dates and spicy nights’
Too fast too soon was our realisation
That though we are different, we are made of the same block
Go heck with such superficial thoughts
Love lasts no longer than empty words
Relationship demands time and money
Commitment and more commitments
When living freely is a crime and this is what I can say
Relationship invades, bringing it’s friends unhappiness & trauma
Nasty relationship brings another friend called long bills
Bad relationship says no being social, no partying for you
Bad relationship demands only attention with no ears to hear
Bad relationship decides I’ll take you to court, confiscate everything you earned
Bad relationship makes heart weak and lonely
Bringing along..

Love dolls do not demand anything and can be used in that temporary phase of loneliness to regain your life and manhood. Real sex dolls can be a great source of comfort because they’re warm and snuggly. They can be great companions for widowers and loners who live away from their partners for various reasons. Loneliness can be overwhelming, managing a lot of stress alone can be scary and exhausting, and may require a companion to perform a calming ritual to separate you from the situation.‪

2.To live your sexual fantasies

There are normal people with violent sexual desires and sex dolls are a blessing for them. From draining yourself in handled masturbators, jerking before sex cams, to everything in between, managing your sexual health with lifelike doll is uncomplicated. Realistic sex dolls have a light metal skeleton that make them movable at the joints, helping them to take any sexual posture you desire. Living your sinful desires in any evil Kamasutra posture is easy with the sex doll. They are made with authentic TPE material to take the extra weight and pounding to become your happy real sub for life. These dolls are helping men with sexual dysfunction issues, providing them with “sexcercise” that can boost their self-confidence and strengthen their pelvic muscles. It is difficult to find a partner who will be forever ready for your wild sexcapades while the dolls will never say no to your sexual moves. They are completely safe as they are built with hypoallergenic TPE material and there is no fear of contracting STDs like there is risk with prostitutes or in one-night stands with strangers.

Fantasies with a sex doll

There are a lot of misconceptions about living with a sex doll
Some do not know how frustrating it can be to lose yourself to compulsions.
Many do not know how frustrating it can be to live with under sized dick
Fear and rejection can make you feel really alone
There’s nothing shameful about making love with sex dolls if it helps you.
There’s nothing shameful about managing your sexual health without any emotional attachment if that’s what works for you.
Living your fantasies, will help you stay a little more on top of your sexual health.
You deserve to feel understood on your journey, so we give our love dolls a little less control.

To satisfy a specific doll fetish

Real love dolls made in TPE are so life like that these ultra-realistic pieces of art are used by photographers as models. Some men have fetish for the perfect body of mannequins while some fantasize about anime characters so much so that they wish to make love to them. Indeed, anime love dolls are a craze in south-east Asian countries. Some want their love dolls to look like their favourite star. Realistic love dolls can be customized right from the colour of their skin to their body stats so that you are excited with your dream partner. Austrian psychologist Gerti Senger explained why sex dolls are being more popular than real prostitutes. Senger said: "First, the man can do anything with the doll. Second, every intention is turned off, which can be a factor with a prostitute." These dolls can also be used by couples for threesome to spice up their sexual relationship.

Fetish sex doll

Sex doll is love and patience. No worries if you are wild
Sex doll will be there at all times. No worries if you make your pastime
If you have a fetish, your sex doll might be the cure.
Her open mouth with a pleasing smile
Nothing but a welcome sign
You could say she has an individual style
She's part of a fun time
Secrecy of her chubby body covered in scanty dress
She has heavy chest and alarming butt
I suppose no one knows that
You're my perfect fetish sex doll ...

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