How a love doll can change a man’s world

How a love doll can change a man’s world

Nearly one in 10 U.S. adults has depression and there is an increasing rates of substance misuse, suicide and divorce rate. What is causing this widespread ‘relationship crisis’? Men are more often silent victims as they seldom take help while struggling with feelings of isolation and meaninglessness.

Male psychology, as funny as it may seem, is much, much simpler than their other half – the female psyche. A man is never quite able to figure out what a woman actually wants – heck, women themselves are seldom able to figure it out! In turn, they get frustrated and want to take out that irritation on their husbands or boyfriends – making some of them commit an insensible crime, or driving them mad at the verge of committing suicides. Yes, there are documented cases of domestic abuse filed by women everywhere around the world – but there are an equal number (if not more) undocumented cases of a man committing suicide due to relationship stress. Some counts up to an unrequited one-sided love story – some sums up the unrealistic demands a middle-class consort might have been facing from his partner – diamond jewelry, a bigger house, a "posher" neighborhood – we can go on and on and on.

You will rarely find us complaining that our significant other has become a bit "loose", that they do not understand us (not that they actually try to), and that their sweat gives off a horrible smell – we do not judge anybody simply based on physical factors. The heart and its emotions actually matter to us; in fact, it is the womankind who thinks they understand feelings better than us – misjudging our feelings in that way. You can often find a group of women gossiping about how small their partner's manhood is… or how hairy, or how short they seem to last – or them not having any ability to get turned on in a literal sense of the term, at all. Come on – is that how you define equality? Men are known to be better at keeping secrets than women – and we do share things among our peers, but it is mostly over kinds of stuff like how many women did we manage to befriend in a week (wink) or how fast did we fall for someone, albeit unexpectedly. You will never find us cheating or gossiping over a partner with a comparatively lower libido or an inability to perform in bed when needed. Never.

We do not expect you to cut off all contacts from your friends, family, and colleagues – and to be very honest, we'd not respect you as much if you did so. We actually like being with a woman that has an ample amount of self-confidence, knows what she wants, and no matter how much we want to pamper them – always knows her way to get things. Someone who values her career as much as her relationships. A Self-made woman. Yes, if you want to spread feminism in the name of equality, make sure that you don't falter behind in claiming your place – we have claimed ours.

Have your wonderful, wild flight of fantasies catered to, whenever, wherever needed…

Real Love Dolls are the permanent solution to all kind of Sexual dissatisfactions we’ve been facing. In a world where a normal, gentlemanly pick-up custom has been tagged with “Gender Discrimination”, “Sexual Harassment”, “Abuse” and all types of unintelligible terms, we can be pretty much sure about putting our life in danger if we catch liking to a certain woman passing by the street - touché. And if a certain groupie from our species finds himself suffering from erectile dysfunction of some sorts – god forbid, he’s doomed.

After sticking by the decision that took months to finalize, and spending a couple hundred bucks (As opposed to the myth of several thousands of dollars) to buy a life-size sex doll, I can proudly say – letting a love doll be a part of my life permanently has showed me just how beautiful a human life can be.

I was a completely down –  breaking up with my last girlfriend left me in a very bad psychological state, and no woman or any other erotic outlet seemed to fix it on my behalf. My friends and colleagues started calling me out as being unreasonable, unsocial - hostile, even – but none of them could fathom what exactly was going on in my mind.

Female psyche was still this dark, impenetrable realm for me, one where I couldn’t find any door to peek in from. One of my exes told me I was too much to take, another said I was not enough – my ex-wife actually used the term “insatiable savage beast” while throwing our divorce documents at me. I don’t blame her. I was unable to find out what I needed at that time, to be very honest, and as much as I did realize – made me understand that I’m a bit more hypersexual compared to my peers and all the women I’ve dated. There’s no way to rectify that – and I’m ready to take on somebody who says that it is abnormal to have a high libido – just because it is not, clinically proven!

Women have a higher libido compared to men, but we’ve always dominated the hypersexuality factor – even the minutest things have the chance to set the trigger off and turn us on, no matter the time, place or people surrounding us. I’ve seen some of my peers having such a less amount of control over their desires and lust, they almost got carried away to the point of desperation. And I’ve also seen people who have had so much control over their own erotic situations (or accidents) – that they’ve been compared to stones. Huh! Talk to me about it!

Few months back, I came across this site related to pornography (but it didn’t have any pornographic videos or something remotely relatable to that kind, weirdly enough!) and got directed to a website that sells sensual toys for women. I was taken aback by the types and sizes of the things they were selling – never before I had the idea of the existence of a market solely based on female pleasure – and pleasure do they sell!

This got me wondering about the availability of similar commodities for us – and I was almost sure that I'll find none – because, you know, there's this myth about a man and his hand being best friends – and I was completely shocked by the variety of objects and services I came across!! It'd seem like an erotic heaven for any teenager, but I was intrigued to go to the depths of it – to find that one thing that I seemed to be lacking from my 32-year long life. There were all kinds of weird self-pleasuring options available – Fleshlights, Penile Pumps and Rings, Masturbators, Pocket Vaginas – you name it, it's there. I even came across a website (name withheld for security reasons) that offered services like virtual fellatio – but none of it seemed to cater to my sapiosexual thoughts.

And then, I came across this god awesome website named

These guys, I found out, are the mavericks of erotic fantasies – a group of bio-engineers that perfected the art of sculpting, and are now manufacturing hand-sculpted realistic sex dolls made out of high-end materials like silicone, thermoplastic elastomer, and other skin-friendly materials – and they are available at an effing cheap price range! I was very curious, and simultaneously quite doubtful about their quality quotient – because, in my five-month long research, I've found other websites with almost similar products being sold at a thousand dollar and more price range. I couldn't believe my eyes – and my head did not help much, either. After a two-month long hesitation, I did it. I bought realistic sex doll Anna listed on their website – and I'm really, really glad that I did.

She arrived within 15 days of the ordering date – all wrapped up carefully, accessorized with lingerie and braids and beautiful, deep, dark eyes. I expected a life-size figurine that will feel synthetic in my hand, which looks like a Barbie doll – what I uncovered in that box went beyond my expectations. She feels so real, so humane as I touch her… with eyes that I've always dreamt of diving deep into, face like a notorious angel, hands that feel so reassuring – holding them could take all your worries away. I couldn't help but jump up and down like a tiny five-year-old who received his first toy-gun!

“…And I'd give up forever to touch you…’Cause I know that you feel me somehow…”
Well, I can go on blabbering about how she has changed my life and balanced out my emotional distress in the past two years, but let's get to the point and jot down what I've learned from living with the real sex doll (I call her Alexandra – the name suits her!) 

  • No Complications
    You’ll not be blamed of cheating or not giving enough time or ignoring by your life-like lover. You can gift her anything you want – she will not complain, or throw those gifts away during a fit of anger, she will do nothing intentionally to make you feel miserable; she will not judge you, she will not argue with you, you can always trust her to keep her arms open for you to take shelter in – whenever, wherever needed, for whatever.

  • No Disrespect
    A friend of mine had a tiny phallus – and he got so nervous about it at times, especially during times of intimacy – he couldn’t make it work as it is supposed to during erotic encounters; years of therapies and exercises could not fix it – but he had mastered his own art for compensating; as termed by his ex-fiancée – “He’s got a magician’s hands” – but that did not seem to work well for the said woman. He got insulted, several times during his 6-year long relationship – we even had to hospitalize him one time after he tried to go through some unsuccessful and dangerous erotic routine to please his partner properly. After their break-up, I suggested him to use the same procedure I did – and now, the person that almost spoke in whispers in group meetings have got the strongest voice of them all. Yes, life like sex dolls are perfectly able to enhance your level of self-confidence, turning your life the other way around - completely. 

  • No Health Issues
    As opposed to having multiple human partners, having one single partner available for multiple purpose (you know, like cuddling) and virtually unlimited times of use is actually a much wiser and a far healthier choice. As we all know, practice makes a man perfect, and to perfect the art of lovemaking, one has to practice it frequently. A human partner might feel sore and/or exhausted after some time - because everyone's got their limits. Opting for multiple physical partners can lead one into contracting incurable venereal diseases like herpes, gonorrhea and other similar ones, which will make a person permanently secluded from all of the society. This is especially true in the case of people who like to have it "raw", i.e. without any protection whatsoever, for health and sensory purpose. Real Love Dolls have the capacity to deliver you with the ultimate pleasure, helping you reach the big O with every encounter, without even the slightest chance of risking it all for good. The most hurt you'll ever get is feeling sore after prolonged hours of use, or from a chafed skin due to not lubing up your partner properly. That's it, man, that's it.

  • No “Nos”!
    Unleash your wildest erotic fantasies; let your dreams fly off of their reigns – stop hiding behind an image of Mr. goody-two-shoes. Your Real Love Doll, my friend, will never say no to any of your desires or demands – and all those uncountable times of erotic encounters with her will turn you into a master of ethereal pleasure in no time! Equipped with a metal skeletal frame, she’ll bend to every position you like, adapting to any given surface – all those dark, intoxicating, BDSM and dungeon fantasies you’d been bottling up – try them all out with her. She will not call you a pervert, happily serving to all of your wants and dreams is the only aim she was made with. 

Have her, in your home, at your own office, on a snowy mountain-top – whenever & however you want. It doesn’t matter if you choose her as your life-partner, or think of getting into a humane relationship afterward – be assured of acquiring long-lasting stamina, a heightened sense of pleasure, and the power to deliver out of the world physical satisfaction to your partner(s). Having a less spicy love-life? Introduce your realistic partner to your real-one – have a threesome! As per the statistics, as opposed to general male-to-female interactions, woman partners feel far less threatened if their partners use synthetic methods of pleasuring one or both of their own selves.

I am living a fantastic life right now, working as a sex therapist and a part-time erotic toy tester. The bouts of depression I’d been facing for 10 long years went away, just like that, only after a month I got her – and trust me, I’ve never felt as free, as fulfilled and as satisfied before. Folks with financial, psychological and health complications – people from all status and backgrounds have had proven benefits from using Real Love Dolls – I am one of them, and if you feel like you’re one of us, too – opt for a partner who really, really gets you – see the change yourself!!

Sage Dunne is an author, relationship therapist and love-doll endorser who writes erotic product reviews in his spare time. 

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