Everything About a Life Size Sex Doll

Everything About a Life Size Sex Doll

Life-size sex dolls are slowly making their way into homes across the globe. With the new year knocking at the door, it’s time for people to start thinking about resolutions to improve their lives. Hopefully, men reading this already are taking steps to maintain excellent sexual wellness but beyond being healthy and strong, now is a good time to resolve to add some adventure to better sex in the coming year. And what better way than having a sex doll.

Sex dolls are taboo and encouragement at the same time. Most men dream of their partner who never “nags”, does not make needless “demands” but provides the ultimate pleasure on the bed, including the strange fetishes and sexual fantasies.

Well, this is a very self-contradictory part of life unless you are acquainted with a sex doll. People evade buying a life-size doll because they cannot hide the doll-like you hide the CDs full of porn.

Many avoid it because of a few misconceptions about the dolls. Let’s debunk the myths about the realistic sex doll.

  • what do I want from a sex doll?

First, you must understand your expectation from a sex doll. The TPE sex doll is neither an inflatable object with some textured tunnels (vagina, anal, and mouth) resembling gag gifts for Halloween. They are neither budget torsos or asses with two holes (vagina and anal) and sometimes with a pair of silicone breast.  Do you really want them?

Surely, the realistic sex doll is an enhanced masturbating machine unlike the simple hand-held fleshlight and torso dolls.  The love doll made of flesh-like premium TPE material looks very close to a real woman created for exclusive erotic pleasuring.

The dolls are hand-crafted by passionate sculptors who blend their love and precision to give a unique persona right from the facial expression to the curvy figures to each doll. Each love tunnels with unique textures, ridges, and tightness created to simulate the internal ribbing inside a real human and the jiggle of her butt-cheek and tits gives an intense sensation similar to the experience with a real partner.

They give a wholesome treat and do not leave a single sexual wish unfulfilled as they are super flexible and can be put in any position desired by the owner. The real love dolls look so beautiful so do not blame your friend if he wants to flirt with your beautiful partner.

The dolls are customizable and can be designed to look exactly like your fantasy. This is one reason many grieving customers style their dolls after their dead wives.  They are not just your sexual mistresses but can also provide companionship. It is a different type of relationship that cultivates with time.

Coming to the realistic part of a sex doll experience, these dolls are durable, resilient, and washable. The high-quality materials make them so real that you may sometime doubt their existence. They have inbuilt sound sensors that let the doll make low orgasmic cry similar to real women. They also have heat technology to keep you warm when you snuggle with her on cold nights.  The AI advance models can be programmed through special mobile apps to make them interactive. These sexbots are currently not readily available in the market.


  • What are the most important considerations when looking for a sex doll, and why?

You are suggested to consider these three points when choosing a real sex doll:

  1. Budget
  2. Size
  3. Material

The price of the dolls is mostly determined by their size as well as its enhanced features. For example, dolls with big breasts and wide waistline cost a little more than the regular ones. If you are fond of rounded, plus size women and have ample storage space, you can go for these BBW sex dolls. However, those customers with limited storage space can look for mini sex dolls. Remember, the weight of the doll increases with height. Silicone dolls are always costlier than the more affordable TPE sex dolls.

The material is another prime factor while picking up a real love doll. For example, advanced AI features are allowed only in a silicone doll. On the contrary, TPE dolls have the basic heat and sound technology and are better in feel and more durable than the silicon dolls. Apart from the carnal body parts, you may want to fall in love with their persona, don’t you? The flawless skin, the hyper-realistic sensual body, and face make them the most desired models by fashion photographers around the world. They hardly feel like a doll and most doll owners give names to their synthetic partners just like they have for their real gfs.

  • How much customization is possible?

You can choose the right skin color, eyes, wigs, nipple color, clitoris color, removable or fixed vagina to make your real paramour. You can create highly customized love dolls from the tip of their head to their toes, you can design the shape of the pubic hair and can add any strange fetish you desire. The elf sex dolls are gaining popularity among people who love cartoon characters. The shemale sex dolls have the rigid part of that manhood to make the party more enterprising. You can choose standing foot if you want them always standing by your side. Most sellers provide a free customized option. Some people want their dolls to look older with fine lines while some want hair in the armpit. Making love is a blend of emotional, mental and physical labor and doll companies work hard to make ultra-realistic erotic models by providing customization feature to its customers


  • What’s the proper way to store a sex doll, so she doesn’t become deformed or lopsided?

Remember to keep the silicone or TPE sex dolls in a dry place. for Also, assure that the doll is not exposed to sunlight or extreme temperatures. Continuous heat and humidity can alter the chemical composition of the material. Avoid placing any heavy article on the doll or keeping it in a bent position for a long time. The best way to keep them safe is keeping them in the suspension hooks. It prevents the dolls from getting deformed. You can detach the head and screw a hook on the body and hang it on your closet. Make sure that you have straightened up the arms and the legs of the doll.

Buying the flight cases is a must for some specific delicate dolls. You can also use this case when you need to travel with your doll. These cases are useful when you want to take your doll on a holiday.

You are suggested not to leave the doll lying in the bed or seated on the sofa for a long time. It may cause flattening of some of the body parts of the doll. Many customers complaint about flattening or lopsided (especially the breasts and the buttocks) of their dolls. One must follow the systematic ways to keep the dolls healthy in the suspension hooks Take care when you have a dog in your home because they are fond of chewing new things.

Keep the original shipping boxes of the doll if you have no suspension hook or flight case.


  • It looks like there are dolls available with different orifices. Are they generally available with mouths, vagina, and butt?

Most dolls offer three orifices: vagina, anal, and oral. True, that in some cases the size of the orifices alters. Every model offers the vagina but not anal or oral, whereas all three tunnels are important to living the fetish fully. For instance, some smaller dolls might not offer you the oval holes.

21st-century customers are like to choose removable vaginas in their dolls because they are easy to clean and sterilized after having sex.

Some sellers have now implemented teeth on the mouth of the silicon or TPE sex dolls. These teeth do not hurt but provide intense pleasure. The mouth of the dolls can be widened easily just by pulling the chin. Therefore, you don’t have to struggle to put your member inside her mouth.


  • Are these dolls actually human-sized? Or are they just smaller versions?

There are different sizes of dolls in the market but choosing the life-size sex doll will never deceive you. The tallest doll that you can find is 5’6 ft. or 170 cm. The smallest version of life-size dolls is 3’2 ft or 100 cm. and most of the time they are designed as teenage girls. The most popular dolls are from-

4’5 ft.  (140 cm) realistic, and the breast sizes are from A-cup to H-cup. Curvy dolls are in demand and most men order the dolls with wider waists.

Do you have still any question about a sex doll? What is your question? Please ask in the comment section below.

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