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Why buy a real love doll?

The days of sex doll taboo is long gone. Now the society supports the use of sex dolls for various reasons like fighting against pedophiles, depression, stressed marriage life and uncomfortable sex life as well. Not only men, but women are also showing keen interest to buy sex dolls to keep up the “heat” of their married life.

The fact is, in this hyper-connected and ultra-modern world you could be easily isolated. The presence of a sex doll can help you to fight against depression and loneliness. It is time to replace your lonesome life with sex dolls which are better than building virtual friends in social media or playing kinky video games.

Real life sex doll - Hard to distinguish from a real woman, both in their movements and feel.

Soft skin, big eyes, perky breasts, round buttocks – realistic sex dolls are hard to distinguish from the real women. The manufacturers design sex dolls keeping one thing in mind ‘customer satisfaction’, which means that you can play with your real love doll the way you want. Unleash all the dark fantasies that you cannot try with your human sex partner, love doll is molded to meet your expectations.

Do you need a sex robot?

It is hard to replace real women in life. Although human relationships are complicated, men cannot avoid the charm of warmth and moaning, the heat of lovemaking. But what if you can find some warmth and more in a sex doll? The latest TPE sex dolls with AI and advanced heat technology that can stimulate you better than real women. The real like dolls are born with scientifically designed sex parts and powered by advanced elastomer technology. It is an example of fine art that you must need in your bedroom. He unique combination of heat and sound technology along with AI make the love dolls ‘perfect’ lover. Sex doll as a perfect lover is always ready to fulfill your desires without complaining about how evil or dark it is. This transformative technology is the Aphrodite of the future.

Is the experience real?

We believe in unparallel user experience and this is what we always keep in mind while focusing on R&D. The anal and vaginal tunnels are made with the internal fold that make them too real to distinct from real women. Tightness and texture of the anal and vaginal tunnels along with light suction device placed inside the skeleton make it expense worthy.

Pick your love doll and customized it so that it becomes as unique as your life. The real love doll experts believe that you are different and so do your choices. Therefore, we as renowned sex doll company offer a wide range of sex doll customization options. Practically you as a client own a magic wand to design your love doll whom you fantasize.

You can personalize features like body size, breast size, skin color, hair types and color of eyes. You also have to choose vagina design, style (fixed or insertable) and length. We assure 100% pleasure and you may find one of our products-to-try in strip clubs.

The sex industry is currently worth more than $15 billion and is still growing while you are reading this piece of information. The growing demand and uprising market value if sex dolls reflect how society is getting out of the sex doll taboo. It is observed that the sex doll has proved itself as a diverse self-pleasuring medium. A sex doll is now considered as an art of the sex toy industry, which is now well accepted in society.

Do you know, the sex toy industry is worth a staggering $15 billion and it's still growing? The demand for sex toys reflects the changing perception of people toward adult toys and this in turn, has increased the doll market value. The real sex doll has established itself as both a diverse self-pleasuring medium and the subject of numerous works of art while enormously enriching lives across the world.

While not a sex partner, a real doll is also used as fashion models by some of the reputed fashion photographers. Initially, these dolls were made for the disabled, but now it has a greater approach to a large number of men as well a society for various reasons including loneliness to depression.

Why purchase from us?

Following are the five reasons that you may need to consider before buying realistic TPE sex dolls from us:

Best Quality – We ship only quality sex dolls that are the same as SYdolls, which is known as one of the best TPE doll producing units in China. Realovedoll is producing outstanding Sex dolls with premium quality TPE material along with next-gen technology.

Platinum TPE is considered as one of the safest polymers to produce sex toys since many consumers reported suffering from latex allergies. TPE has different physical properties including high melting point and human skin alike texture. Manufacturers also use different fillers to increase stability, elasticity, and durability of a realistic TPE doll. The best part of choosing a TPE doll over a silicone or latex is that it doesn’t have a bad odor and is less sticky.

AI features – Enhance your sex doll experience with AI (Artificial Intelligence). The heat and sound technology are the latest touches that can give you unparallel user experience. You have 3 hours or so to heat BBW sex dolls. The heat spreads all over the body evenly from the neck. On the other hand, the sound sensors are placed in vital locations like near the orifices, chest, and butt.

The wide range of customization – Buy a realistic sex doll and customize it the way you want to make it your love doll. A wide range of customization list is available, which include body color, shape, breast and butt size, eyes and hair wigs. You can also send us a photograph of your fantasy girl and we will give it a real look in TPE molds. Our TPE sex doll experts offer a revolutionary way to enhance your pleasure quotient.

Best Price – You are eligible to buy a realistic TPE doll with ultra-edge technology at the lowest price. How? Because we ship love dolls directly from the manufacturing unit. We avoid and middlemen or third-party services while packaging a sex doll and deliver it to the customers. This is the reason why Realovedoll offers you competitive rates on high-quality dolls throughout the year.

Efficient customer service – Get both TPE mini sex dolls and full-size sex dolls from Realovedoll at the best price. Our customer service team is always ready to help you out with doll selection, customization, and delivery. Reach our support team at support@realovedoll.com. All of the queries are answered within two hours after submission of the request.

Discreet Shipping and Secure Payments

Discreet shipping is available for all countries namely Australia, Canada, USA, South America, Europe, and Africa. The packaging department makes sure that the label and the package itself does not reveal the product nature. We can assure that the package can be securely delivered to your doorsteps under the prying eyes of the neighbors. The realistic sex dolls are shipped and delivered through our authorized shipping partners like FedEx, UPS, and DHL who guarantee safe delivery.

You have the power to track the shipping and movement of the products since we provide the shipping ID well in advance. On the other hand, if you need to pick your sex doll from the nearest shipping office instead of your house, let us know while placing the order and our support service will make sufficient arrangement.

Two reliable payment methods are used by Realovedoll:

-By PayPal

-By Bank wire

If you do not have any PayPal account, no issues as we accept all major credit cards. Besides, if you are looking forward to transferring money through bank wire, then we are glad to send you our bank account details.

Privacy Policy

We prioritize clients’ privacy and confidentiality. Data encryption and firewalls are used to protect the website and customer information. No third parties are entertained by Realovedoll team in terms of handling customer information. Although all of the payment gateways are secured, using PayPal as the primary payment gateway help us to add an extra layer of security.

Order Processing


We prioritize clients’ privacy and confidentiality. Data encryption and firewalls are used to protect the website and customer information. No third parties are entertained by Realovedoll team in terms of handling customer information. Although all of the payment gateways are secured, using PayPal as the primary payment gateway help us to add an extra layer of security.

You will also receive an email requesting sex doll customization. You will have a chance to customize your love doll, which may include hairstyle, the color of the doll, breast size, eye color, nipple color, pubic hair, removal or fixed vagina, clitoris color, standing, and non-standing option. You will also have the power to opt for heating and sound technology. To learn more contact: support@realovedoll.com.


Since Realovedoll sells only customized dolls, it takes time to manufacture every unique doll. From molding the structure to painting her face (creating facial expression), it takes 5 to 7 days. If you are ordering a doll with unique facial expression and extra features, the manufacturing duration will increase respectively. During this period the customer support team will stay in touch with you for clarifications. Please feel free to contact us at support@realovedoll.com.

Client Approval

After completing the manufacturing process, the support team sends an image of the newly designed sex doll to the customer. Finally, the product is shipped after the shipping address is confirmed by the client. The QC team inspect the doll and make sure that all requirements have been met before packing the product in a cardboard box and wooden case. You will receive the tracking ID from our support team using which you can track the product movement and make necessary arrangements to receive or collect the order.

Return Policy

Realistic sex dolls manufactured by Realovedoll comes with no warranties. Considering the products’ nature and health issues involved, all sales are final. However, we assure the product quality, starting from the product molding to packaging as they have gone through a strict QC system. All of the products are shipped under the “fragile shipping” category.

Care for TPE Sex Dolls

TPE is considered as one of the best materials for manufacturing sex dolls. The popularity behind TPE doll is that the material is much softer than silicone and gives a realistic feeling. It can withstand high friction and heat. However, it is advisable not to keep it at high temperature. Also, our sex doll experts recommend not to give hot bath repeatedly.

Do not leave the doll for in the same posture for a longer period of time as it can cause creases and flatness in the doll. The best practice is to hang the doll using a hook while resting the limbs by her side or keep it in a cardboard or wooden case. Leaving the sex doll in extreme position can tear her limbs or cause severe damage.

Sometimes the skin could be sticky to touch. Use mild anti-bacterial soap to clean the body. Using a soft absorbent towel dry the sex doll (gently pat not rub). Do not use a hair dryer or other hot blowers to dry the doll.

While washing the realistic sex doll try not to submerge her neck or head into the water as it can damage her internal circuit.

While taking care of a full-size sex doll clothes her with good material that should not stick to her body or leave stains. The best use is to wash clothes and then use it since TPE material is color sensitive and could be dyed easily. Do not place or wrap the doll with newspapers, leather or similar materials as it contains ink and other pigments.

The users are advised to use a water-based lubricant as it is found that alcohol, petroleum and silicone-based lubricants can damage her skin.

And last but one of the most important notes is not to place the doll under the sun for a long time since TPE is not a UV resistant material and it may alter her skin texture.

Love your sexy sex doll like your real woman

Love and care about your realistic sex doll to increase her longevity. Your love could be the secret behind her soft and glowing skin.

Considering the product’s nature, we strongly advise not to share the sex doll with others in order to spread STDs.

Cleaning the anal and vagina of the doll is utmost important to prevent bacterial growth. Use gentle anti-bacterial soap and dry it using a soft towel.

For better maintenance, our sex doll experts suggest using condoms. Using a water-based lubricant during sex helps in preventing damage from friction.

Beware of scamming! Never fall for the cheap unbranded sex dolls as production sources of these dolls are unknown. Some of the scammers sell second-hand sex dolls where the chances for disease transmission is high.

Only Realovedoll is the official seller of SY dolls that come with good reviews. Since the product doesn’t come guarantee, you could end up losing money while purchasing from unknown sources. In RLD we trust our customers' experience and review and therefore we send sample TPE synthetic block (the same used to make the doll’s skin) to feel her touch.

Buy sex doll from Realovedoll because we work with the top TPE manufacturer and collaborate with genuine real sex doll artists. Please reach us at support@realovedoll.com for any queries, our support team will be more than happy to help you.

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